The Colorado Children’s Healthcare Access Program is devoted to advancing health equity and improving outcomes by promoting comprehensive, cost-effective, coordinated, quality health care for all children in Colorado.

assist medical homes for children, RCCOs and community-based organizations in providing care coordination,  providing a new model of intensive preventive care, ensuring appropriate use of emergency departments, using data to optimize care, and meeting expectations associated with federal and state health care reform, all with an aim to address over 25 health disparities experienced by children in Colorado. We also assist medical homes to improve health outcomes for children by: increasing well child visits, improving immunization rates, reducing dental cavities, preventing, identifying and treating obesity, identifying teen depression, identifying developmental delays, identifying post-partum depression, improving asthma outcomes, integrating mental health into primary care settings,  and improving transition from pediatric to adult care.

develop, test and evaluate new, innovative practice models for implementing comprehensive, coordinated, quality, cost-effective health care and share effective models with all types of medical homes for children in Colorado.

promote and enable sustainable change by addressing practice barriers, informing policy, designing and implementing programs that improve the quality of care and health outcomes of children